Outdoor Services


Flexible maintenance packages are available whether it be on-going or on an as-needed basis such as spring & fall clean-ups and winterizing.

Busy B's quality maintenance includes:

  • Weeding, Edging, Mulching

  • Pruning, planting, dividing annuals and perennials.


Using all natural and eco-friendly pest controls are a priority. 


Garden Design


Busy B's aim is to work closely with customers to determine what they want and what they are capable of taking care of to set them up for success no matter how green their thumb is.

Some of the specialized design involves:

  • Perennial and foundation planning

  • Vegetable planting

  • Memorial gardens

  • Pollinator promoting gardens


Indoor Services


Indoor Services

Busy B's isn't just outside in the garden, we help you bring the garden indoors! We offer similar maintenance packages for your indoor plants as well including:

  • Watering and fertilization

  • Trimming and pruning

  • Re-potting